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High Efficiency Washer maintenance

Todays High Efficient Washers Need Monthly Operator Maintenance to Extend there operational life 1 ] door boots need cleaned and washed out they have drain holes an returns that need to be cleared of hair and dirt that builds up over time 2 ] door opening needs wipe off to maintain sealing surface { leaving door open when not in use to prevent mold an orders ] 3 ] Drain Pre Filter needs removed an cleaned out , this catches coins ,q tips , bobbi pens ETC ] These can cause pump failure if not Removed . 4 ] washer needs to be cleaned out to remove build ups [ body oils , soap . hair - more ] Afresh , Tide are some available cleaner some choose to use 1 cup vinegar 5 ] clean soap Dispenser most have a release tab to pull out and wash in sink [ while out wipe out dispenser opening of mineral deposits' 6 ] wipe off cabinet to keep clean from rusting or chemicals from attacking the paint 7 ] inspect Water lines and Valves for Leaks [ Braided lines are prefered to prevent hose blow outs ] 8 ] Drain pans , any ime a washer is in the home a washer should be in a Drain pan to prevent water damage and mildew and mold Piping the drain were no damage can be caused We offer repairs Installation and Maintenance services on All Major Appliances 480.479.9751 Call or book on

High Efficient Washer and Dryer

Mold and Debris on door boot ,

clogged Drain Filter

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